Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mega May Update Post!

Hey gang, so the month of may saw a huge increase in my video output on youtube. I was pumping through a load of japanese horror reviews, as well as a special tokyo swan 2 video where I revealed my placement in japan for my new english teaching job. Here are all the videos since the last post on here collected below. Also, I just picked up "Tokyo Gore Police" on DVD today, and I'm excited to watch (and review) that one. Though, i've already started work on the next review and I've got an idea for a bonus video for the first half of the week perhaps. Anyways, enjoy the vids and see you next time!

Swan's Japanese Horror Reviews 44: Uzumaki.

Swan's Japanese Horror Reviews 45: Dead Waves.

Swan's Japanese Horror Reviews 46: Zoo.

Swan's Japanese Horror Reviews 47: A Snake of June.

Tokyo Swan Back in Japan!

Thanks for watching the videos, plenty more on the way! I should really try and update this blog more. Especially now that I'm graduated from college and have a lot of free time before I go back to Japan. I'll try my hardest haha.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update Videos

Here are the latest two videos I've posted to youtube, with the Tokyo Swan 2 teaser and the new Japanese horror review of Evil Dead Trap. More reviews to come!

(Tokyo Swan 2 teaser)

(Evil Dead Trap review)