Friday, October 24, 2008

Tokyo Swan: Unseen Swan 6

(Tokyo Swan: Unseen Swan 6)

So here's the sixth episode in the Tokyo Swan: Unseen Swan series. All of these clips come from the first 10 episodes, so it's pretty crazy to reflect and look back on these. Man I looked so young (Those keeping track will see the current facial hair is a developing beard). I shot the opening for this one last weekend, and I had a bit of a cold, but it turned out ok I guess. This one has some good stuff, the 'popper' who danced to a classic chrono trigger track, some shots of Keio university, some clips of Tokyo Jennie and Kris, and more.

Right now, I have just one more Unseen Swan episode put together, but I'll have to go through the video vaults one more time to see if I missed any (worthwhile) footage. And what do I do after the last unseen swan? I guess either pump out more reviews or move on to a new journey back to japan series... hmm, I need to think that idea out. Next up is a new review for Halloween, and then we'll see how things go in November. As for me right now, I'm going back to watching some tenchi, and then the pick up artist is on tv heh.



Queen Bee and Baby Duck said...

While deciding on where to take the new Vlog series, why not pile on a new series of reviews? Video games, Anime, Books (Comics or otherwise). I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say we'd like to get yer critiques on other media.


Rodger said...

it's very possible. at the moment, I'm at least going to put my thoughts on here on anime/video games/ etc that I'm interested in. I might have a special top 10 anime or video games on here sometime soon...

Luciddreamer said...

Nice dude , hope to see a cool new review soon.I dig the blog by the way , keep it up.
(PSP Traveller :P)

Jennie in Japan said...

I think you should definitely continue making videos after the final Unsween Swan!

The amount of views Swans still get even after you've returned shows how popular they are, with your fellow keio ryuugakusei and complete strangers.

I think a "plan: return to japan" series would be awesome.