Wednesday, October 14, 2009

J-Shelf 4: Comica

J-Shelf 4: Comica

so here's this week's j-shelf, it is all about one of my favorite sakamoto albums out of his very impressive discography.

might start doing j-shelf every other week now, if the views continue to decrease on these. i have one planned for the week of halloween, so perhaps i will go into a biweekly schedule with these. Iwate Swan videos will continue to come out once a week.

64 days to go until I see my girlfriend! hurray :)


TheAndySan said...

I honestly don't know why your views are dropping with these new J-Shelf videos. I love them! Your J-Horror review fans might not like that you haven't done a J-Horror review in awhile though.

As long as you're doing your Iwate Swan videos along with the J-Shelf videos, I'll be one happy camper!


Rodger said...

hey andy, yeah i don't know haha. honestly though after years of watching too many so-so or flat out bad japanese horror films it all became a bit much and I needed to step back from them and talk about things I think are actually good hah. we'll see what the shelf life of j-shelf will be. i have plans for a few more episodes, so i'm watching that series closely. but thanks for the support and for watching the videos!

briskmorning said...

That could be a way forward.
I like j-shelves,however less the viewers might be,I would give you credit for its quality of well worth watching on a regular basis. To be candid,I happened on your blogs just about a month ago. I found you quite regular guy.and I subbed.cheers for curious coincidence.


Jason Hirata said...

I really like the J-shelf series. I think its really interesting programming and a genuine contribution to the japan vlogger community. the videos so far have been very thoughtful and interesting.

the interval of releases is not really an issue for me; i think you should just release the video's at your own pace.

really great videos though. its been a blast to watch so far.