Friday, November 20, 2009

Iwate Swan 16: Book Market

(Iwate Swan 16: Book Market)

Wow, so it is already Friday night here again in Iwate so that means it is time to release a new Iwate Swan video. This is my first of two Christmas shopping videos, with next week showcasing a larger store in town. Still, I think this is a neat look into a very common, everyday sort of shop found all throughout Japan. Currently working on the first episode to come out in December (it is being shot like the Halloween one, so the footage comes from several different days), and then I have one more video to shoot before heading home for a few weeks.

My long distance relationship countdown is now down to just 27 days! That is less than 4 weeks to go! I have my night bus ticket to get into Tokyo, and so I am all set for my flight home. It will be amazing to see my girlfriend again, and I am sure winter break will be nothing short of spectacular.

Ok, well hope everyone is doing well! See you next week for another shopping episode....



Anonymous said...

Hi man! How is it going on!?
I'm Italian guy of 18 years old. I'm one yours old subscriber!
I've to make u some questions about japan, can i?
I'll arrive the next summer in japan from Italy by train(I've already been in Jap. but i went there by plane;).
And i'm planning to stay 45 days in Jap. and going through all Japan by motorbike. But i discovered that they don't rent you scooters if you are 18 years i'm quite hopeless now because i don't know how can i rent a motorcycle...and i thought to buy one second hand bike but u have to have the Japanese residential to buy it, isn't it?

So please help me to plan the trip!! if u want i can give u my email.
Thanks very much!

Rodger said...

hey there, hmm I'm not too sure what to do actually as I'm not positive on motor bike rules. Seems like you need to be 21 to ride a motorbike here. So I don't know if biking across japan is a possible idea or not. Wish I could be of more help!

Anonymous said...

mmh do you know anybody hwo can help me?

Rodger said...

my friend dogen of may be of help. he is living in japan and he has a motorcycle, so he might know more about biking laws in japan than myself...

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the contact, i'm going to write him soon.

I was wondering if i can offer u a beer or a supper when i'll be on my way to Hokkaido ;) Well now is quite early to think about the trip...i'll leave in summer! I'll write u again!

So keep doing videos and take care man!


Rodger said...

cool, yeah i hope dogen can help out some. and a drink next summer would be nice :)