Friday, December 4, 2009

Iwate Swan 18: Autumn Reflections

(Iwate Swan 18: Autumn Reflections)

Super sized episode that features everything from christmas card shopping to bathroom construction. A lot of these were nice moments, but not enough for a whole video. Plus, though I like my shorter videos better, I think it is good to release a longer one every once in a while too.

Got one more episode coming out next week and then I will be going on break as I return to the US for a few weeks.

Only 13 days to go until I am home and with my girlfriend! That is only 1 week and 6 days!!! I am so excited!!!


butakun said...

As always, another great video. We have been following your videos and absolutely love them all. We are a couple from Brussels, soon relocating to Morioka in January and your video gives us so much excitement. Keep up the good work.

Rodger said...

hey thanks! glad to hear you enjoy the videos and hope you enjoy morioka!