Friday, November 14, 2008

Swan's Japanese Horror Reviews 42: MPD Psycho

(review of MPD Psycho)

Hey gang, up today is the new review that was selected by YOU from the poll on this very site. So, hope everyone enjoys the new video.

Some quick things:
1. Got a new camera finally! After using the same sony cybershot for the past 4 years, I now have a new Canon powershot! I'm really liking it, and the best part is the study abroad department at school got it for me. I'm writing blogs for them about my time in Japan and reposting my old tokyo swan episodes, so this was how they opted to pay me.... nice!

2. Got a new haircut today! I'm looking more like the image you see at the top of the page, went for the fake mohawk look again. It's really a cool look for me, and I'm really happy with it.

3. Hoping to debut a new video series a week from now, probably will start with a new apartment tour either in episode 1 or 2, not sure yet. At any rate, that's something to look forward to (what in the world am I going to call it? Surely not michigan swan....)

4. Think I'm gonna go see the new james bond movie tonight with a friend of mine. I've heard mixed reviews on the latest one, but I really enjoyed the last one so we'll see.

Ok, that's all I've got for now. Oh yeah! I've finished my JET application and am mailing everything out tomorrow morning. Hurray! Now the waiting game begins. Have a good one everyone and see you next time!

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bananababy said...

heyyyy ^_______^
sorry that this is random, but i didn't know where else i could send you a message.
anyhoo, i saw your videos of tokyo swan since i have set my sights on going to keio university. I have a few questions about it though -
1) How did you apply for Keio? I have checked the website and it seems it can only be done if your university nominates you or something? I am not sure, is it possible to go there if you are not part of one of it's link schools?
2) What courses can you take? I was hoping to take Japanese Language and Art
3) Do you have to know any japanese to be able to attend?
4) How have you funded your exchange?
5) Is it possible to take a longer exchange or actually enroll as a full-time student if you are from a different country as i am going to be living in Japan.
6) What qualification do you leave with?
7) How much Japanese have you learnt? Are you fluent and if yes how long did it take you?
8)How do you apply for scholarships?
9) How would you rate Japan and your experience so far?? :D

Loll, sorry this is really long. I don't know much people who are going to Keio.

If you can answer, then i would appreciate a reply on my e-mail -

I await a reply ^3^.
In the meantime i shall watch your tokyo swan series, very entertaining!