Monday, June 1, 2009

Read Real Japanese!

Wow, I've been working on a ton of different youtube videos lately. Today, I filmed, edited, and released a new 'read real japanese' video.

Read Real Japanese!

Kind of out of character for me to release a 'how to' video, in fact, i've mostly been against these sorts of things to be honest. But I really wanted to talk about the read real japanese book as I honestly think it's a great buy and will really help people trying to study japanese. As long as the video doesn't come across as pompous then I'm ok with it. Perhaps more of these videos will follow.

Filmed the Tokyo Gore Police video today as well... and I edited that for a few hours. That's actually review 49 and 48 will come out later this week. I'm really getting ahead of myself, but I've been having so much fun editing stuff together. I also filmed a special michigan swan episode... but I haven't looked at all the footage yet. Should just be a fun silly video though.

Anyways, tons of great videos on the way!


Darko said...

I've been studying japanese for 9 months and I've been using the genki books. Just as you said I think they're very useful since they cover all the grammar basis. I also have the Read Real Japanese Book but I haven't touched it so far because I'm only half way through the first Genki book. Yeah I know 6 lessons in 9 months is pretty silly but it's harder for me cause I've been learning all by myself. Well that and the fact that I just graduated from college lol.

Besides the books, I also listen to a radio podcast called Japanesepod101. It's a series of lessons that teach you japanese through short dialogues, actually spoken by native speakers. You could check it out..

Anyway, congrats for your videos about japanese horror movies. I review horror movies as well. Not japanese ones though. And they're written in portuguese. Yeah I'm from Portugal xP
Oh and the whole Tokyo Swan series is awesome too!

Nabu San said...

As a relative newbie to self-taught Japanese, I found this one of the most informative Kanji learning how-to's on Youtube!

I'd like to focus on learning a good chunk of the lingo before even attempting this, but both speaking and reading the language represent a huge investment of time. Heck, I'm fairly certain I'd need atleast a year or so under my belt before even having a go at this.

I think I'm not as intimidated by memorising the Kanji [I have great information retention] as I am piecing it altogether and interpretting it!

I'm not so much interested in the how-to's as I am your own personal experience in starting out studying the subject, though. It's great to see the motivation behind people wanting to embrace Japanese.